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Why Black Americans Should Stop Calling Themselves Black!

As a person of African descent, have you ever stopped to think about the labels that you use to describe yourself? Have you ever considered why you use the term “black” to describe your identity? It’s time to re-examine the idea of identifying as “black” because it is an inaccurate and limiting label. All living species on Earth come from the black void.

We all have the blackness of the universe within us. Just calling self-identified Black people to have blackness would dismiss every other living being to have the blackness of the universe. In this blog post, we will explore why people of African descent should stop calling themselves black and embrace their true identities as Moors, Indigenous Americans, and People of African nationalities.

Firstly, the term “black” is a product of slavery and racism. It was used to dehumanize and subjugate people of African descent, reducing them to color and erasing their cultural heritage and individuality. By continuing to use this label, we are perpetuating a system of oppression and giving power to those who seek to suppress our identities.

Secondly, the term “black” is too general, color/shade, and does not accurately reflect the diversity of cultures and experiences within the African diaspora. People of African descent come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities, each with their own unique history, traditions, and customs. We should embrace and celebrate this diversity rather than flatten it with the label black.

Thirdly, identifying as “black” erases the historical and cultural contributions of Moors, Indigenous Americans, and People of African nationalities. The Moors were a powerful Islamic empire that spanned much of North Africa and southern Europe in the Middle Ages, while Indigenous Americans inhabited the Americas for thousands of years. Both of these groups have made significant contributions to history, science, art, and culture, but their contributions are often ignored or downplayed when we use the term “black.” By embracing these identities, we can acknowledge and celebrate the full scope of our heritage.

Fourthly, using the term “black” perpetuates the idea that our identities are monolithic and disconnected from other communities of Melanated People. In reality, People of African descent have a shared history with Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous peoples who have also experienced colonization, slavery, and systemic oppression. By recognizing the unique experiences and identities of these communities, we can build stronger alliances and work together towards a more just society.

In conclusion, it’s time for People of African descent to reexamine the labels we use to describe ourselves. The term “black” is inaccurate, limiting, and perpetuates a legacy of slavery and racism. By embracing our true identities as Moors, Indigenous Americans, and People of African nationalities, we can reclaim our cultural heritage, celebrate our diversity, and build stronger alliances with other communities of Melanated People. Let’s leave the label “black” behind and embrace the richness and complexity of our African identities.

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