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How to use the prefix “Afri”

The prefix “Afri” represents the word “African” and ALL-AFRICANS in the Diaspora. “Afri” represents you understand your African/Afrikan identity first before any other dual nationality born outside of Africa. Humans like to say things short and simple; instead of, saying “African” you can use the prefix term, “AFRI” to represent everything about African identity, music, food, fashion, and lifestyle all over the world.

AFRO is the current mainstream prefix; however, this prefix represents afro hair.

If you understand the usage of a prefix goes before the subject or noun. For example, the subject is on dual nationality. Let’s use the following nationalities: American, Brazil, French, British, and Costa Rican.

When using the prefix term “Afri” associates to the People of African descent. The original homeland for African Americans before any slave trade to other parts of the world.

The prefix “Afri” will be placed before the subject nationality. As follows: Afri American, Afri Chinese, Afri Indian, Afri Mexican, and Afri Costa Rican.

In the United States, it’s completely understandable that Black Americans will identify with Black than African. Black Americans have not been cultured to African culture. A Person of African descent being born in the United States has been cultured to Black identity and Blackness. However, let’s cut the bull shit Black Americans! We need to consciously evolve and realize your truth as an African living in the United States. It’s never too late in this life journey to relearn African culture.

Black Americans need to realize that white people are not white. We speak English. We write in English. The law is written in English. It’s common sense that white people are English + with European nationalities, but in modern times they would be considered American European or simply American. The same goes It’s never too late in this life journey to relearn African culture.

We as an African race society who lives in the United States need to evolve our identity from Black 2 Afri(can). It truly shows Black Americans are waking up to their truth. We haven’t forgotten who we are and we know that white people are not white. We all need to stop with this nonsense of color labeling human beings. Period.

“We are ALL Americans! Our common denominator is American.”

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Esperance Ndombe

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