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Why The Command to Change From Afro 2 Afri

As I was checking Stories on Instagram. I ran into this post being shared by @chossanation called Children of Stolen & Sold Africans. I follow their content on IG because we have a similar message in how we identify ourselves. @chossanation shared a post by an Instagrammer called @queenyonasda stating in an only text story…

Why Black Americans Should Reclaim African Nationalities with American Identity

One of our most significant tests in life is literally challenging your Black identity. Any African American individual who identifies as Black needs to understand what it means to reclaim your true identity. If Black Americans never recognize their race identity as African in modern times. It shows they’ve lost their original identity to English…

Person of African descent looking in the mirror

Hey Black People, Have You Looked in the Mirror? (Identity Short Poem)

If our hair is black and doesn’t match our brown skin tone. How can you call yourself black if our skin tone doesn’t check the name? Black People say they recognize the word “black” as a noun and adjective. Let’s talk about it. Black people love defending a color identity that was given to them…

emotionless black women sitting one behind another against ornamental wall

Does the African Diaspora Really Have Black Skin to Call Ourselves Black People?

I am on a mission to heal our racial identity with so-called “Black People, Black Americans, Blacks, Colored People, or People of Color” that originated from prejudiced race perception of the African race. We have questioned our identity in some communities nationally, but it’s not part of the mainframe discussion of police brutality and racism….

Why Black People Refer to Themselves As “Black” Due to Historical Oppressive Systematic Conditioning

I always ask myself why Black people are still calling themselves Black Americans. The black identity in America is continually being threatened by police officers while serving and protecting their communities. The sad reality of bad apples within the police force in America has not been healed since the first city police services were established in Philadelphia in 1751, Richmond, Virginia…

How Black and White Americans Are Masking True Racial Identity

In the United States of America, Black and White Americans are the only race group of humans still stuck in the past with racial identity. It’s not a coincidence that Black and White Americans still identify by colors since it’s engraved in our chaotic history. When the British came to America on cargo ships loaded…

How the word “Afro” is used in the USA versus in Africa & Latin America

During the 60s and 70s in the United States of America, the African-American community was diving deep into the Civil Rights Movement. In this time frame of life, many African-Americans embraced their afro to redefine personal style and appreciation of their beauty. This cultural movement marked a return to more natural, untreated hairstyles. The afro…

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